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In Parliament

House of Commons

I spent the early part of the week in Westminster, which normally meant I travelled to London on Sunday or Monday morning and back again on Thursday evening. Most of my staff were in Aberdeen and I kept in regular contact with my Aberdeen office.

A typical day in Westminster involved attending debates, meetings, committees and also dealing with correspondence from constituents, groups or organisations who contacted me. I also met with representatives of local groups and organisations when they lobbied parliament to express their views. Constituents also visited the Houses of Parliament on a fairly regular basis. A major part of an MP's duty is the scrutiny of the work of Government.

I was appointed as the Labour Member on the House of Commons Commission, which supervises services in the House of Commons, see further details here.

Also, I have been appointed as Chair of the Advisory Committee on Works of Art, see further information here...

As the MP for Aberdeen North:

  • I voted in the Chamber on Bills, as they progress through the House of Commons.  See all Bills here...
  • I signed Early Day Motions (EDM). EDMs provide an opportunity for MPs to put on record their opinion on issues of concern. See the list of EDMs I have supported here...

MPs deliver many Speeches throughout their Parliamentary career but, with over 650 MPs in the House of Commons competition to speak in the Chamber is intense.

I am a member of various Parliamentary Groups (see the separate page).


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